Architectural Design Services by Oatman ARchitects

Architectural Design

Quality architecture requires vision, creative inspiration, technical artistry and the drive, experience and ability to carry those elements to successful fruition.  Through a lifetime of study, travel and work designing and managing projects around the world, Homer Oatman is uniquely qualified and experienced in the design and management of residential and hospitality projects of the highest quality.

Pre-Aquisition Due Diligence Services by Oatman ARchitects

Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence 

Oatman Architects is experienced in providing expert analysis of development opportunities and constraints, both jurisdictional and practical for potential project sites under consideration.  This enables the client to understand what they can and cannot do on a specific parcel prior to committing to purchase.

Site Analysis Services by Oatman ARchitects

Site Analysis

Site analysis is the study of the physical characteristics of a project site pertinent to its development, including but not limited to: climate, topography, view opportunities, solar orientation as well as jurisdictional and entitlement limitations. We use this data to guide the design of the project towards the optimal realization of the client’s vision and requirements.

Green, Sustainable Design Services by Oatman ARchitects

Green, Sustainable Design 

For environmentally conscious clients, Oatman Architects is able to provide green design and LEED consulting services, creating a more sustainable building design. Green designs utilize optional construction methods and techniques, which result in a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly home. These methods can pay dividends over the economic lifetime of a home.

Construction Observation Services by Oatman ARchitects

Construction Observation 

During construction, Oatman Architects takes an active role as the Owner’s advocate to ensure that the Owner’s objectives, and the intent of the design, the plans and specifications are being met.  Generally, we meet with the contractor every other week or as otherwise required to ensure smooth communication in the flow of information between the Owner and the General Contractor and engineering and design consultants.  Pay requests and change orders are reviewed to ensure that they are appropriate and properly documented.  For remote out-of-country or out-of-state clients, bi-weekly progress reports documenting progress with text and photographs are provided.